In view of customers; brand customer (cross sectoral investment cosmetics brand, agents and so on)
Provide cosmetics product design, planning, processing all in one service
1, service content:
1) for the cosmetics processing OEM/ODM partners to provide everything from product design to brand marketing solutions in the process of.
2) cosmetics processing ODM one-stop services, including: "registered company, brand culture, brand planning, set the background for the registration of a trademark, product architecture set, formulation development set, package design and purchasing, product inspection, warehousing logistics, product training, brand operation planning guidance. "
3) brand planning, product structure, technology, raw materials, formulation of planning, special documents, materials, manufacturing, packing, warehousing and logistics services and marketing of value-added services.
4) the market for decryption trendy products, provision of resources.
5) to assist clients to carry out market analysis, marketing planning advice, help customer design product structure and product planning, free raw material, packaging, production technology, quality inspection, to provide consultation provides three certificates, quarantine generation do service, semi-finished products, finished product inspection, packaging inspection, provide package design service, provide the information bar code Chinese goods management center issued the declaration service
6) the real quality of whole process tracking service. You only need to tell us the idea, all the rest with us to solve, we will use the most professional service let you worry free.

2, service mode:
1) cosmetics to processing.
2) cosmetics to sample processing.
3) cosmetics semi-finished products processing.
4) cosmetics OEM processing
5) cosmetics brand ODM processing.
3, service object:
1, the brand of cosmetics company.
2, just registered cosmetics brand investment.
3, plan the cosmetics brand industry customers.
4, the strength of the cosmetic agents.
5, cosmetics chain store.
6, industry investment clients

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