Company introduction

        The beauty of poetry cosmetics company was founded in August 28, 1991, headquartered in france. Company registered capital of 1200000 US dollars, in 1998 investment of $800000, the total investment amount of $2000000, professional production and operation of "the beauty ofpoetry" brand cosmetics. The company has owned more than 3000 square feet of office building,plant area of nearly 10000 square feet and a 8000 square foot warehouse.

        The beauty of poetry have introduced advanced production equipment and testing instrumentflying from abroad, complete and perfect the technology, from raw materials imported French,Japanese, USA, and French production formula, to hire foreign experts to guide the production ofcosmetics, and led a group of scientific and technological personnel implementation of total quality management, advanced technology and the formula of France Oriental women together, and constantly develop new products suitable for the Oriental female skin care. Provide OEM and ODMfor the long-term domestic, Hongkong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and other companies, is acosmetics brand has a certain reputation in the local.

        Just at the beginning of 20002, the company passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, marking the company's management to a higher level. The beauty of poetry focuses on the production of natural, environmental protection, safe, practical, has a unique effect ofproducts. Product features a new formula of weak acid pH value, and the human body skin pH value close to 5.5, acne, dark spots, wrinkles, allergic skin can display its function fully, since the products on the market, has been well received by the consumers of the pro lai. Last 2013 atheory of my company and the America OBAGI belong to the same treatment system, Amicell skinregeneration products series are made of American Mckenna labs Inc companies to provide raw materials, formulation and technology, Mckenna (Mccann) construction company in AmericaCalifornia Santiago City, was established in 1997, is an international, cosmetic medicine R & D and production center has sold fifty of the world's several brand. Product excellence and improve skin problems, and American famous brand OBAGI belong to a theoretical treatment system.Total reconstruction and improve due to aging, relaxation, sunburn, freckles, pigmentation, dark yellow, large pores, acne, acne and India, false wrinkles, water oil imbalance and sensitive skin.Almost all face the problem, let skin step by step thoroughly to remould oneself, reproduce the youth vigor, let you have the youth beautiful skin!

        The beauty of poetry Cosmetics Co., the enterprise spirit of "love is life, life is love, love life, tohave a successful life as the goal. Sincerely provide beauty products for the majority of women,the United States service. Wholeheartedly for the beauty of nature, the majority of the female body beauty, beauty and the dedication of the youth.

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