Amy poetry - Regeneration pioneer of anti-aging program

Amy poetry after years of practice and continued beyond innovation, has made remarkable achievements in terms of anti-aging skin reconstruction , in 2013 with the famous American brand Mckenna labs Inc provides technical materials ( with the famous American brand OBAGI belong to a theoretical treatment system ) , rebuild and improve the whole effect due to aging , relaxation , freckles, melasma , large pores , acne scars , fake wrinkles, sensitive skin and other issues, through professional products for different age skin skin actually needs, stage implementation of personalized , professional cleaning , conditioning , reconstruction of the road , to help solve the overall problem skin.
Regeneration combine
Cleaning: that is, "conditioning purify " the skin, clear skin free radicals and face the dirt , to develop a healthy balance of the skin , within the environment.
Conditioning : that is, the skin of "conditioning " by acne , spots , sensitive, aging and other skin problems and achieve targeted treatments to improve skin problems , so that the skin regains its normal healthy state purposes.
Reconstruction: the skin for long-term " maintenance care ."
By cleansing , hydrating , moisturizing, wrinkles , sun protection , anti-oxidation, shaping and other ways to achieve the reconstruction of the skin, keeping skin youthful and beautiful young state .
Amy poetry by " cleaning, conditioning and rebuild " a combination of three complementary and mutually harmonious , customized according to age and skin type personality and scientific professional beauty care program for each of the beauty of women , to achieve a beautiful young woman with long bao dream .

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